Skytown is a play-based preschool. We use elements of the Reggio Emilia philosophy to allow the curriculum to emerge from the children’s own interests. Children move freely indoors and outdoors for most of the day, exploring their world as they choose. During this exploration they deepen their understanding of the natural world, math and science, literacy, and art. Play also allows them to develop their social-emotional awareness and skills.



The preschool years are a time of enormous social and emotional development.  Children are learning how to understand and identify their own emotions.  They are learning to recognize those emotions in others.  They are learning how their own actions may affect others’ emotions.  And they are learning how to negotiate those interactions with language.  

The teachers and parents at Skytown work together to create an environment where children know themselves, express themselves, and have respect and empathy for others.


Math and SCIENCE

We provide a wide variety of materials to measure, stack, build, take apart, and otherwise explore.  Tools like the sensory bin pictured here allow children to explore volumes and weights while also providing tactile stimulation. Our large sand area is perfect for digging and building projects.


Language, Literacy, and communication

Literacy happens in our classroom in many ways. Sometimes a child is at a point in his or her development to spontaneously pick up a sample alphabet and try to replicate it.

Other times, literacy springs out of a different activity, like at our indoor painting station. Our mixed-age classroom allows for scaffolding--for example, when a 3-year-old watches a 5-year-old write a letter, then tries to replicate it himself.



Art happens everywhere at Skytown.  It happens on nature walks and in the garden.  It happens sitting at the art table standing up at easels.  Many different art materials are available every day, and children are encouraged to play and create as they see fit.



Outdoors, we have a large garden for observing plants, insects, and birds.  Our school is perched near the top of Moeser Lane and we take frequent walks on the beautiful grounds surrounding our school.  Birds fly overhead and sometimes even nest in our play yard!

At Skytown Cooperative Preschool, children are at the heart of our curriculum and our business model. We foster collaborative engagement of teachers and parents throughout the Skytown experience. We work together to provide children the respect and attention they deserve as valued members of our community and of society.

We believe that the diversity of experiences and knowledge that both teachers and parents bring to our community strengthens our ability to support the growth of our children and run a healthy school.

Skytown is an all-inclusive community that respects and honors diversity of race, ethnicity, culture, age, family structure, ability, gender, sexual orientation, personal beliefs, learning style, and temperament. Our practices and policies are created to support children and their families.
— Skytown Preschool Diversity Statement