Do you enjoy the act of learning? Are you fascinated by how your child's brain is developing, and why she behaves the way she does? Do you love spending time with kids?

If so, Skytown is looking for you!

Children are not the only people who are learning at Skytown.  There are constant opportunities to learn as a parent at our school.

Journal Prompts

Participating in the classroom, as described in the "Co-op Responsibilities" page, involves constant education in child development and behavior.  Every week, the teachers prepare a Journal Prompt.  This is a topic that parents are encouraged to consider as they observe the children through their participation day, and then to write about in journals.  Journal Prompt topics are then discussed at the end of the day.  Examples of Journal Prompt topics are gender roles, exclusion among peers, math and language development, and sensory needs.  Follow this link for a sample Journal Prompt on the subject of "Development Through the Lens of Gender."

Meeting Topics

Membership meetings are another opportunity to learn more about parenting and child development.  For example, each year the teachers discuss how children are exposed to math in the classroom.  They point out the ways in which math looks different in an early childhood space compared with an elementary school classroom.  Sometimes actual materials (blocks, sorting objects, etc) are incorporated in to the lecture.  Parents learn how to recognize children using the language of math in their play.


Our director, Martha Melgoza, regularly presents at Early Childhood Education academic conferences.  We have had former teachers and parents studying ECE conduct research at Skytown and present their results to the membership.