At Skytown, teachers and parents work together to create a play-based, emergent curriculum.  Our goal is to support the development of self-confidentself-awarecompassionate and empathetic human beings...

and to have fun!


Play-based curriculum

Children are encouraged to use a wide variety of materials to explore their world, building their skills in literacy, math, and science.  The multi-age classroom allows for daily practice in social skills and communication.

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Talented Teachers

Skytown teachers choose our school for the unusual experience of collaborating closely with parents.  Our dedicated staff makes sure the classroom is a rich environment, so as our children learn about their world, we parents learn about our children.

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Cooperative life

A co-operative school depends on its community of parents.  They serve as parent-teachers in the classroom.  They serve on our Board of Directors.  They raise funds, maintain our indoor and outdoor spaces, restock supplies—every family plays its vital role in running our school.

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